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Lake Urmu (Azerbaijani: Urmu Goli) is salt lake in southern Azerbaijan (north-western Iran) near Turkey. The lake is between the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, west of the southern portion of the similarly shaped Caspian Sea. It is the largest lake in the Middle East, and the third largest salt water lake on earth, with a surface area of approximately 5,100 km².

But ,

5 year reverse counting for the death of this lake was already announced.

Some reasons for this disaster can be as follows:

-Wrong management of water resources
-Building lots of dams on the rivers which pour to this lake
-Uncontrolled digging of lots of water channels and wells that totally use the underneath water resources
-Building Shahid Kalantari free way over the sea without any kind of essential and scientific survey and not caring about the warns of building this free way that already Urmieh (Urmia) lake committee warned about. Millions of tones of stone and sand from Zanbil mountain were put in the lake , from one side they destroyed Zanbil region nature and in another side the water of this lake was absorbed by these sand and stones
-Frequent dry seasons and no special plan for the lake

And now:

-60 percent of the sea is totally desert.
-6 meters of the water of this lake was decreased
-The salt degree of the water from 200_220 grams salt per a liter was increased to 340_360 grams salt per a liter
-250000 hectares of the land near the lake totally changed to the salt desert
-Another disaster is destroying the life of the Artimia in the water of this lake that almost there is no Artimia in this lake any more . The mass death of these creatures which are one of the seven kinds of the Artimia in the world. This mass death of the Artimia changed the color of the water to red.
-The death of pelicans and flamingos which usually lay their eggs in this lake is another disaster
-The death danger of yellow deer, sheep and cow which are native animals of this lake and live in the island of Urmieh lake is also another considerable thing
-Complete destroying of the potentials and plant cover of the lake and its islands almost happening.

And the most dangerous thing is 10 billon tones salt after drying the lake which can spread in the air, farms and the cities.

We request UNESCO, UNEP and all international environment organization to feel humanitarian and social responsibility against this disastrous phenomena.

Today plant and animals natural life of this planet and all human beings living in this ecosystem are needed to be helped seriously by the sober global conseiences in our unique planet.

Call the government of Iran to act responsibly and quick . Also, ask your government to put pressure on Iranian government to play its part in environmental issues. And, help Lake Urmu to survive from this painful and dangerous attack. Azerbaijan will be devastated if the lake dies,The Aral Sea can be an example of what will happen to our Lake

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